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Me Little Me - A Feature Film

Starring A'Keyah Dasia Williams
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Ayiku

After an unexpected promotion, Mya, an ambitious young woman struggles to compartmentalize work and relationships while also managing her mental health.

Little Elizabeth - A Short Film

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Art With Impact 

Starring Niki J. Crawford
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Ayiku

A woman with childhood trauma takes a compassionate journey in order to heal herself.


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EDIT THIS - A Short Film

Starring Eddie Yu, Beccy Quinn, Kay Capasso
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Ayiku

Gabriel is an editor whose head is full of self-doubt and a whole lot more. This film explores

the thoughts running through his head as he works towards a deadline.

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The Misunderstanding Gene 

Starring Elelta Zemarium, Taizo Ellis, Kiya Solana Artiga
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Ayiku

When a young girl finds herself misinterpreting simple information, she is diagnosed with a rare disorder called "The Misunderstanding Gene"